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Core Policy | Core Charge | Return Policy

All cores are expected to be returned & secured in the plastic shipping case or the steel shipping skid they were received in. A return freight Bill of Laden is included with every engine shipped. Core freight is pre-paid. No return core freight costs.

All engines need to be assembled, just like the engine you received. Please do not leave off parts, as CORE CHARGES WILL BE BILLED FOR MISSING COMPONENTS.

Cores must be returned within 30 days of receiving the new engine or the core charge for the engine & skid will be billed & the warranty void. PLEASE RETURN THE CORE IN A TIMELY FASHION! Core charges may apply for engines with visible holes or cracks, busted geartrain housings, broken rods or cranks, & engines that are locked up.

All returns and cancellations need to be filed or reported within 48 hours of delivery all litigations are held in Shelby County Tennessee.


All remanufactured diesel engines are blueprinted! Blueprinting is defined as removing or narrowing the tolerances found in mass production engines. The rod, main, & cam clearances are measured with dial bore gauges & micrometers. Bearings clearances are set depending on application (truck, marine, industrial, etc.). Piston & valve guide clearances are set with dial bore gauges. Piston & Liner protrusion is measured on the 8.3 Cummins & set per OEM specs. A specification and build sheet are available for each engine.

We do not weld or repair cracked blocks, cranks or heads. We do not use cylinder sleeves to repair rotten O ring counter bores. If we do not have a good rebuildable engine core we will not offer an engine for sale. I personally would not want an engine with a welded or sleeved part. would you?

All cylinder sleeves, O rings, pistons, rings, wrist pins, & lock clips are replaced with Mahle Clevite parts. Mahle is the OEM Cummins supplier.

Main bearing saddles are align honed or align bored to specs. This is part of the blueprint process. We do not try and repair blocks with "spun" main bearings, we junk those blocks. "Burned" main bearing saddles change the structual properties of the cast iron and make it "brittle".

Remanufactured diesel engine block decks are resurfaced with CBN cutters in a RMC CNC Machining Center. This is the latest technology in the surfacing cast iron. To ensure proper gasket sealing we check all surfaces with a prolifometer, a device used to check surface finish to ensure gasket life and efficiency. We do not use head gasket "shims" to correct block height errors.

Crankshafts are heat treated in a thermal convection oven, which is better and easier on the casting than the standard production rebuilder's thermal oven, shot peened to relieve casting stresses, and machined a maximum of .010 on rod & main journals. The 8.3 ISC crankshaft is then balanced in a Stewart Warner digital crankshaft balancer. No welded crankshaft journals! Most all production rebuilders do not balance their cranks, rods, & pistons.

Connecting rods are also heat treated, shot peened and machined to OEM specifications. This is part of blueprinting process. Matched & balanced sets of rods. We do not try to recondition rods with "spun" bearings. We install the updated Cummins wrist pin bushing to address the problems with the 8.3 wrist pin. Updated oiling design.

Cylinder heads are remanufactured to exceed OEM specifications in a Rottler or Serdi valve seat machine. We install OEM Cummins or SBI valves, locks, seals, guides, & valve seats. Valve guides honed in a Sunnen guide hone. Head gasket surfaces are refinished with CBN cutters, the latest technology in the resurfacing of cast iron. Surfaces are then checked with the same prolifometer used on block gasket surfaces.

We do not weld or repair cracked or damaged cylinder head castings. We do not "shim" weak valve springs to increase pressure, they are replaced. We do not use bronze valve guide liners like most production rebuilders as they will commonly fail. We replace the valve guide we do not try to repair it.

All assembled remanufactured diesel long blocks motors are tested for compression before shipping. Our 2 engine builders have a combined 60 yrs experience and are ASE master engine machinist.

Free shipping and core pickup is available to MOST zip codes in the continental United States. Call or e-mail our remanufactured diesel engine specialist at 1-888-285-2091 for detailed shipping info. Engine must be shipped to a business location where a loading dock or forklift for unloading.

A truck with a liftgate can be sent, for an additional charge, to a residence or location with no fork lift available. You can also arrange to pickup the engine from the shipping terminal for no additional charge.

We will need the ship to address, bill to address, email address, & all phone numbers necessary (work, cell, ship to phone number, etc.). Someone must be on location at the ship to address to sign & receive the engine, and to return the core.

No core charge will be billed at the time of purchase. By purchasing from My Used Engines however, you must agree to have the engine core & shipping container ready for pickup and return to us within 30 days of receiving your engine. Failure to do so will void your warranty until core charge is paid in full. You will then be billed and liable for applicable fees to cover the shipping container and the engine core having not been returned. If you have no core or the core has visible cracks or holes, or does not rotate a full 360 degrees, the engine will will be shipped in shrink wrap on a non-returnable wooden pallet & the appropriate core charge due.

We will research the year, make, model, and serial number for any engine you plan to replace to ensure you are buying the correct engine for your application before we ship.

My Used Engines - Used Diesel Engine Warranty (Optional)

The internal components of the long block assembly that are covered are the Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, Crankshaft  and Main Bearings, Connecting Rods and Rod Bearings, Camshaft and Camshaft Bearings, Timing Chain and Timing Gears, Intake and Exhaust Valves, Valve Springs, Oil Pump, Push Rods, Rocker Arms, Hydraulic Lifters, and Rocker Arm Shafts. The Engine Block and Cylinder Heads are only covered if damaged by a part listed above.


In the event the customer cancels the order after the product has shipped, the customer will be liable for all shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee. Any damages to the delivered product must be reported within 24 hours so that a claim may be started with the freight company.

All returns and cancellations need to be filed or reported within 48 hours of delivery all legal litigations are held in Shelby County Tennessee.

Due to the materials and composition of powertrain (engine, transmission, transfer case) components, we do not warranty against surface rust that may accrue over time, as long as it does not affect the overall performance of the product sold.

There is reasonable expectation that surface rust will form no matter if the product is stored on a shelf or left in the donor vehicle until the time of sale.

***Remanufactured Long-Block DIESEL ENGINE Warranty***

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